Large Items / Yard Waste

If you have a large item (furniture, washer, dryer, etc.), Waste Management will pick them up at no extra cost, but you MUST call them in advance at 1-800-458-4090 to notify them that you are putting out a large item for pickup.

For large clean-out piles of household refuse or large piles of yard waste, please contact Waste Management IN ADVANCE, as these types of refuse may result in an additional fee.

For carpeting or branches, please cut into 3-foot lengths and bundle with wire or rope; otherwise, they will not take them.

PLEASE NOTE: Waste Management will NOT take building materials, computers, or televisions. If you need to dispose of computers or televisions, you may do so through their Hazardous Waste Program. Learn more here.

Questions about refuse pickup? Call Waste Management at 1-800-458-4090.