Borough Mayor & Council

Borough Council is the governing body of Blawnox Borough. All council members must be registered electors and have resided in the Borough continuously for at least one year before their election.  Council is made up of seven members, including a president and a vice president. They are elected by the residents to serve a term of four years. Council holds one regular council meeting every month.

The Borough Council also has six committees which are made up of three council members. The committees are Community Events, Public Works, Public Safety, Finance, Property and Planning, and Strategic Planning. The Council holds three committee meetings every month on the third Thursday of the month. Each individual committee meets every other month, so the committees are divided into an even or odd month meeting schedule.

Borough Council is responsible for establishing the policies and regulations of the Borough in order to maintain the health, safety and welfare of our residents. Borough Administration implements these policies and regulations. 

Regular Meetings: 6:30 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at the Borough Building at 376 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Committee Meetings: Starting at 6:00 pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month at the Borough Building at 376 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

               Odd Months: Community Events, Public Works, Public

               Even Months: Finance, Property & Planning, Strategic

Borough Council

Name Title
Anthony W. Gross Mayor
Deborah E. Laskey Council President
Randall Stoddard Council Vice President
Meghan Kennedy Council Member
Elaine Palmer Council Member
Katie Specht-Coban Council Member
John Simmons Council Member
Christine Carnevali Council Member