Example Water, Sewage and Trash Bill


1. This is the period for which the bill is valid.
2. This is the date your water bill payment is due. 
3. This is the amount due if paid by the due date. 
4. This is the amount due plus a 10% penalty for paying after the due date.
5. This is the current amount due, broken down by water, sewer, trash and line fee. 
6. This is where you would find any past due amount for water, sewer, trash and line fee.
7. This is the total amount due (current and any past due amount) for water, sewer, trash and line fee.
This is the meter consumption amount for the period. It shows the meter reading from the last bill, the current meter reading and the difference between the two is your consumption in 1,000 gallons. 

In order to see a larger version of the example water bill, click here.